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Important Website Factors That Enhance Your Business On The Internet

To attract visitors or clients to your website in order to grow your business it is necessary you consider basic qualities which includes your type of website design and relevant factors to be considered when building a website. In terms of digital marketing effective web design will impose a good impact in this area of business. When creating a website, factors such as appearance and navigation are mostly considered. It solely depends on the kind of impression you create on a website that will make a visitor think otherwise whether staying or leaving. A systematically developed website tends to positively influence the mind of its visitors which may prompt them to keep on clicking through your web pages. The high-quality appearance of your website can enable you to generate enough leads for your business, as well as make a lot of sales. Below are the factors you should keep in mind so as to grow your business in a website.


Recently, many people access the internet using all kinds of different ways, from PC to smartphone, with a wide range of browsers and operating system. However, you must ensure that your site is easily accessed by all visitors so as to grow your business. The more people that get engaged with your site the more leads you generate. For instance, your website’s bounce rate and conversion rate will grow greatly if your website is optimized for mobile devices, at least 53% of your visitors would be able to access your site from mobile devices. A mobile user will simply leave a website which he/she can’t easily navigate and look for a better one.

Choose a good URL that will promote your business

URL is an asset upon which you build your online business. It is important to choose a URL which fills in with your line of business, for example, if what I offer in my website are E-commerce services I can simply choose my site’s URL as “” which indicates exactly what my website has to offer or contains. Most online business persons don’t recognize how a good URL affects your Search Engine Optimization. Your hosting determines your site’s speed, runtime, and downtime. If your site is slow and sluggish there will be a drastic decrease in the number of users that visit your website, also it will render slow submission of your site’s Metadata to search engines. Most search engines use crawlers to pull your site’s titles and contents and appraise them through bidding algorithms to determine if they are proper for the user who searched for closely related keywords on their site. If your site’s speed is slow, each time there is a content bidding [search results filtering], crawlers will spend more time on your blog than on sites that load fast.

So what does that mean for your website?

Well since it’s practically difficult to pull your Metadata, contents and content’s titles, search engines will prefer to display other sites’ contents [that is sites that load faster] in search results instead of your site’s. A fact you should always be mindful of is that an average blog visitor is impatient, so are search engines’ crawlers too. They all prefer to read or do what they came for as fast as possible.

Intuitive Navigation

You must have a clear Navigation in order to make sure users access and find what they are looking for easily. This prevents the user from wasting time looking for where they’ll click next to surf through the web pages.

Navigation hints that will promote your business

You should place your main navigation simple and near the top of your page. Keep labels consistent on every page of your website. Visitors can easily search for content by keywords if the search box is near the top of the site. Do not provide too many navigation options on a page.

Content is the boss

Content is also an essential factor which contributes to the growth of your business online and a design element that is supposed to be taken into consideration. Often times, people think that website design only has to do with colors, font choices, images and logos that go on to a website. The outline of the content and what it says are huge factors in determining the success of a business on a website. That’s why it is necessary to update all your contents so your audience knows that you are ahead of the competition.

Keep It Simple

Most visitors aren’t coming to your website to rate its aesthetic design and creativity; they are actually visiting your site to find the information they need. To ensure users keep visiting your website you have to look from the visitor’s perspective. Visitors may be prompted to leave your site if there are too many unnecessary design elements that can be distracting or overwhelming, hence they would look for another site to find information that’s easier to read. Taking note of these factors already shortlisted above will ensure a huge boom in any kind of business you are about setting up on the internet and enhance the growth of business beyond your expectations.

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