Every web design owner has the same question after creating a brand new site:

“How do I go about generating website traffic when my new site can’t be seen on the 1st page of search engines?”

Yes, I know everyone says, “implement great SEO tactics and your site will rank on the first page of search engines”

But that could take 6 months if not longer and that’s if you even set up your SEO correctly.
generate website traffic

No one wants to rely on website design services that take long for people to see their website.

So I’m sure you are thinking the same thing I was thinking when I first built my No-Limit Web Design site:

“I need ways other than SEO to get my site seen.”

Now you still need to implement SEO techniques, like in this post, correctly because when you start generating traffic, your site will fly up the rankings for the keywords you are targeting.

But I’m about to share with you…

12 rarely talked about website traffic generation techniques that don’t use search engine optimization and that you can start using TODAY.

1. Answering Questions on Q&A Websites To Attract Niche-Specific Traffic

Visiting Q&A websites like quora.com and answers.yahoo.com, lets you do 2 things…

– Help someone solve a problem

– Get your website’s URL in front of thousands of visitors

using quora to attract traffic
As you can see, this post had 24,800 views.

So by just inserting your website link at the bottom of your post, all those views could be potential traffic and it’s FREE traffic.

This is a simple way to increase website traffic because it only takes a few minutes of work to put together a well thought out post, but sadly it isn’t guaranteed.

“Views” doesn’t mean that that the people that see your posts will click on your site’s link

So I use a technique that ensures readers HAVE to visit my websites if they want to read my complete answer.

That technique is posting half of your answer on the Q&A site then leaving a link saying something like, “To see the rest of my answer click here.”

You will then post the rest of your answer on your website.

I used this technique for a client of mine because she didn’t have the budget for the paid traffic sources.

So I had her write me a few articles on various health topics.

answering questions to attract traffic

This one post, in 2 days had 115 views and 104 of those views visited her blog to read the last half of her answer.

I know that’s not a huge number, but it’s a decent start to getting people to see her website AND 8 of those people bought some of her products.

Also, visit myblogu.com, for more ways to help out other people.

Here, bloggers ask for information on articles they are writing and if they use your suggests then they will put your link in their article.

Just another way to get your link in front of potential traffic.

For the best results, you need to make sure the part you posted is really good because you want the reader to NEED to know the rest of your answer.

Our next website generating technique is…

2. Turn Your Blog Into An App To Attract Mobile Device Traffic

Mobile devices are extremely popular nowadays so turning your blog into an app can greatly increase the attention your website will get.

I know you are thinking, “if my website is mobile responsive why do I need to make it an app”?

There are 2 BIG advantages to creating an app versus having a mobile- responsive website:

– apps are software applications so they load and operate faster on mobile devices than websites do

– a lot of apps can run on no internet connection, which means no using up a reader’s data plan

Now, I can’t take full credit for this idea.

My friend Casey Miller is the one that brought this method to my attention.

But the best part about this technique is that you don’t have to shell out a fortune to pay a developer to create a professional looking and highly functional app.

Buildfire.com and como.com are software that makes creating an app so easy to use that you can create your app yourself and in as little as 5 minutes with their drag-and-drop tools.

So you don’t need any technical or coding knowledge.

Casey uses this traffic generation technique by having his app connect to his website which means everyone that uses his app HAS to go to his website which is guaranteed to be increasing his website traffic rankings.

The Best of Fitness Windows

Although this is a small sample size of just 2 months, this is traffic that is guaranteed to visit his website that may have never heard of thebestoffitness.com before his app.

Also, the fitness niche is a crowded category with all the apps that are available, but as his app gains popularity so will his website.

Keep a lookout for another way to use Amazon.com that I’ll share with you later in this post…

3. Create A YouTube Video To Attract Viral Traffic

YouTube is another platform that allows you to attract FREE traffic.

You might be wondering, “how will a video generate traffic to my website?”

Well first and most importantly…

YouTube is owned by Google.

That means uploading videos on YouTube does 3 things for your website:

– When you embed your video onto your website, it builds credibility for your site in Google’s eyes which increases rankings

– YouTube has a high DA so a link on YouTube = high-quality backlink.

– You have another resource for ranking for your important keywords.

Now I know #3 is considered an SEO technique, but I’m going to show you the trick to getting an initial boost in your video’s ranking that’s not SEO related.

That trick is live streaming…

Live streaming lets Google know your video is current and relevant, but you don’t have to technically be filming live.

I know that last sentence may be a little confusing

But you are able to live stream a previously recorded video.

These steps will show you how to live stream your video:

Step #1 – You’ll create an account for your YouTube Channel.

Step #2 – Then access your “Creator Studio” by hovering your mouse over your profile picture.

Step #3 – When in your “Creator Studio” you’ll click live streaming -> events -> new live event like in the picture below.

Step #4 – You’ll then fill out the title, description, and tags while including your keywords in each section. Click “Create Event”.

Be Sure to your website’s link in the description.

Step #5 – Next, you’ll click on the “basic ingestion” drop-down box to select the bitrate you want to use…I normally use 720p.

Live streaming lets Google know your video is current and relevant, but you don’t have to technically be filming live.

I know that last sentence may be a little confusing

But you are able to live stream a previously recorded video.

These steps will show you how to live stream your video:

Step #1 – You’ll create an account for your YouTube Channel.

Step #2 – Then access your “Creator Studio” by hovering your mouse over your profile picture.

Step #3 – When in your “Creator Studio” you’ll click live streaming -> events -> new live event like in the picture below.

Step # 5.1 – After selecting your bitrate, instructions to install “Wirecast” appears. Follow these instructions.

Step # 5.2 – When Wirecast starts up, you’ll need to authenticate your YouTube account so select “Authenticate”->choose the event you created in step 4.

Step # 5.2.1 – If you want to upload a prerecorded video, select file->import media then select the video you want to live stream.

Step # 5.2.2 – When you are ready to stream, at the bottom of Wirecast select the picture you want to stream then click “Stream” at the top of the screen.


Step #6 – Before you start broadcasting, hop back over to YouTube and click “Live Control Room” at the top of the page. Then click “Start”.

Step #7 – You are now ready to jump back over to Wirecast to start recording your video.

Step #8 – When finished recording, edit the video to your liking on YouTube. THEN UPLOAD.

Step #9 – Build backlinks to your video.

I know it looks like a long, time-consuming list of tasks, but once you get the hang of the process, it will take no longer than 5 minutes to set up, edit, and upload your video.

Once your video is created, you don’t have to do anything else with it.

Just sit back and watch the traffic pour in.

4. Write Testimonials That Will Reward You With A Backlink

This traffic source can be accomplished when you use a product or service from a vendor that you find success in using.

You will then want to reach out to the vendor telling him/her how helpful the product/service was.

The vendors will normally put your testimonial, your business’ name, and website link on the product’s page that you wrote the testimonial for.

So when customer’s visit that product’s page, they will see your business’ information and will likely click your URL to see how legitimate your business’ testimonial is.

Depending on the popularity of the product, you can see how easily testimonials can generate traffic to your website.

Another benefit with writing testimonials is that you build a relationship with the vendor.

This connection could lead to the vendor reaching out to you for things like beta testing future projects or sending you samples as a thank you.

5. Creating Dofollow Backlinks to Other Blogs and Websites

When writing content you’ll often find yourself using other people’s websites or blogs as a reference.

So to eliminate plagiarizing, you insert a link to that page in one of your posts.

Since you are redirecting your traffic to that website, why not ask it’s owner to return the favor by adding a dofollow backlink to your site.

All you have to do is:

Step#1 – Find their email address (usually on their contact page)

Step#2 – Say something like, “Hi, On my website, mydomain.com, I inserted a link to your site because of the great content you post. I was wondering if you’d consider adding my link on your site?”

Step #3 – I would suggest also adding some content about similarities the 2 of you share, which could be hobbies, pets, traveling etc.

The more personal your email is, the more likely they will be to add a backlink on their site.

That’s all you have to do to get rewarded with 2 things:

– a high-quality backlink that will be seen by a lot of people

– hopefully tons of traffic pouring into your site

FYI those are 2 of Google’s TOP ranking factors.

Do me a favor and don’t be like me when I first started creating my website…

I didn’t want to bother anyone, but it’s a harmless email so….

What’s the worse that could happen?

They don’t reply back or just say “No”…

OH NO, THAT’S TERRIBLE!!! (I hope you detected the sarcasm there)

If they refuse or say “No” then just remove the hyperlink on your site or change it to nofollow.

No need for their site benefiting and yours not.

Anyways, you can see how this method can offer high rewards with no risk.

6. Create an eBook for Amazon.com

If you’re like me you just read #6 and you instantly had a panic attack or said “NO WAY”.

The good news is an eBook doesn’t have to be a 200-page novel especially since it’s going to be free.

The idea behind this technique is…

You want to take advantage of a high-traffic source(Amazon.com) to showcase your products and/or services.

Your eBook only has to be around 20 pages to be effective, as long it’s well written and details each product or service.

To get your eBook to Amazon you will need to…

Step # 1 –  is an obvious step – write your eBook

Step #2 – sign-in to kdp.amazon.com using your Amazon.com account information

Step #3 – enter the title information (book title, author, categories etc)

Step#4 – use their cover creator tool to make a cover for your eBook or upload one you’ve already created

Step #5 – verify your rights

Step #6 – set your price to $0.00 and click PUBLISH

Once your book is approved, you will be able to see your tracking and sales statistics.

7. Create and submit a Press Release

I’m sure if you are just starting your business or website, then you have never heard of press releases, but press releases are a powerful tool for attracting traffic.

Now, this NOT a free traffic source, but the amount of people that will see your press release is, in my opinion, well worth the price.

Step 1: Write a couple paragraphs describing the event that you want to share with the public.

You can write about a personal or business event that is coming up such as:

-business’ grand opening

-new products or services being launched

-promotion in your business

-or scheduled events (concerts, fundraisers, etc.)

Step 2: Submit your press release to a distribution site.

The site I suggest you use is prweb.com.

They submit your press release to over 30,000 journalists and more than 250,000 people that opted-in to their newsletter subscription.

Prweb.com offers 4 different price packages that you can choose from…

The price range goes from the cheapest package($99) up to their premium package($399).

Their premium package distributes your press release to well-known news outlets like the New York Times, USA Today, and more.

So you can see how putting your website on these popular publications could generate traffic quicker than some of the other traffic generation techniques.

Another traffic generation technique that you must pay for is…

8. Use Facebook Ads to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Facebook is used by over 1 billion people.

I don’t need to sell this anymore to get you to see how beneficial using Facebook Ads can be.

To create a Facebook ad:

Step #1 – Go to Facebook Ads Manager and click “+ create campaign”

Step #2 – Choose “send people to your website” as the objective you want to use

Step #3 – Choose your audience
Step #4 – Set your budget and schedule
This step is where you will also set your bid amount.

I personally set my bids to $0.20 higher than the suggested bid.

That is so I am sure my ad will be one of the first ads seen by the interest I’m targeting.

But $1.98 is WAY too expensive to pay…

Unless money isn’t important to you, which I don’t know anyone who thinks that.

So I would narrow my targeting audience by selecting “narrow audience” under the interests I entered in Step #3.

Narrowing your audience means you’re targeting people who are interested in both “Interest A” AND “Interest B”.

Your CPC will greatly reduce once you’ve narrowed your target audience down.

Step #5 – Create your ad

This step allows you to select your ad’s picture, edit the headline and text, and choose your ad placements.

A good way to entice people to click your ad is to offer a free product.

Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Regarding the ad placements, I normally only select “desktop newsfeed”

But selecting “mobile newsfeed” is ok to use as well if you’re targeting mobile users.

The last paid traffic source in the list is…

9. Buying Solo Ads To Increase Your Email List 

If you know what solo ads are then you likely have knowledge in internet marketing.

“What does internet marketing have to do with my website?”

I’m so glad you asked.

Internet marketers use solo ads to attract people into subscribing to their email lists.

Anytime a marketer promotes a new product, they send emails to their list enticing people to buy that product.

An email list is also important to all types of businesses.

Have you ever got an email from a restaurant, let’s use Outback, for example, giving you a coupon telling you, “Show this coupon when you eat at Outback this weekend and get 10% off your meal.

Guess what?

You all of a sudden are really wanting to eat at Outback.

That’s good business marketing.

So if you own a business you NEED an email list and solo ads will quickly build it for you.

All you need to run a successful ad is a landing page that has a headline that is enticing people to enter their email address into the form and a creative layout.

Be sure to do some research on the seller to be sure they are credible.

10. Create An Email Signature That Includes Your Website’s URL

This is the simplest traffic generating technique to set up and use.

This method doesn’t guarantee to generate a lot of traffic

But it takes 2 minutes to set up then you never need to mess with it again.

Next time you get an email from a business, look at the very bottom under the sender’s name.

My business’ email signature looks like:


Go into the settings of your email provider to set up your email signature.

Now it will show up automatically at the end of any email you compose.

11. Create Web 2.0 Accounts

Now I know you might not consider this technique to be “little-known” but it’s an important technique to have done before you go on to TECHNIQUE 12, my final and in my opinion most useful technique.

This technique is also a GREAT way to get you ranking #1 on search engines for your brand name in just a few weeks.

Whenever I have a client that wants me to do their SEO, I create accounts on 30 web 2.0s that have high DA.

When creating the profiles, you need to enter your business’ name and website link.

That’s it.

Are you wondering, “what good is a web 2.0 with no post?”

Well, you’re about to receive your answer…

12. Use “If This, Then That” For Your Web 2.0 Posts

If This, Then That(IFTT) is a social media automation tool that allows you to create “recipes” that will put your post on all your social media accounts in SECONDS.

This technically doesn’t drive traffic to your site

But the automation process gives you more time to do something else.

Look at a few recipe examples IFTT can do:

Setting up your recipes is extremely easy:

Step #1 – Select “My Recipes” at the top of the page

Step #2 – Click on “Create a Recipe”

Step #3 – Click “this” and then all the social media channels will appear.

Step #4 – Depending on the channel you chose you may be asked to connect IFTT to your account to grant it permission to post on your accounts

Step #5 – Choose and set up your trigger

Step #4 – Depending on the channel you chose you may be asked to connect IFTT to your account to grant it permission to post on your accounts

Step #5 – Choose and set up your trigger


Step #6 – Click “that” and repeat Steps 3, 4, and 5

Step #7 – Execute the trigger on the channel you set as your “If” option

Now your complete social media campaigns are set to automatically reach potential traffic.

What To Do Next….

Did you find one of the 12 little-known website traffic generation techniques that you can start using today?

If so, leave me a comment because I’m interested in knowing which technique you plan to use first.

Perhaps you want to create a YouTube video or maybe you want to create a Facebook ad.

Either way, I hope you’re able to find success with these techniques.

Leave me a comment and share this post by selecting a social media channel on the bottom-left of the screen.

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